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About mig33

*Hurrey!! New trick for you all.
Now you can kick any user by command. Just write /kick [username] by this command user will be kicked out. Enjoy (flirt)

* You guys may see erorr while trying to login to facebook using mig33. Here is the trick you can login facebook using mig33
Click this link loading the page you will see a link as 'click here' and you can add your facebook to your mig33

*check your mig33 credit balance by mobile without login
Just send a sms to 447717989963 with keyword "BALANCE"

* Old but cool trick to add your self
Open the page to add friend and write you id changing vovles (aeiou) using this kind of letters (àèìòù). Eg.(hìmmù_). And add to your contact list. And logout for a while. And after you login you will get invitation from your id.

* How to send a blank page to friends
Open a chat page, write /boo than the user will see a blank page.

* How to change your avator's body and gender
1.login to by mini opera and login your mig33 id.
2.than press #1 and clear the link and write this linkHttp:// and press 'goto' now you can change your avatar's body and gender

* do you guys know how people can't add you and they will see a msg like "'add contact failed- himmu_ is unable to receive invites at this time. Please try again later.'"
Here is the secret. Keep about 14 invites without adding. So that others cant add u.

* How to take a fake snap
Change any id name by editing detail to which id u want . And u can take a fake snap of any id u want.

Himmu saysmore tricks comming soon


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